The Age of Kings (Runelords)

Welcome to the Obsidian Portal for the Age of Kings. This is a Pathfinder RPG set in the homegrown world of Cict, a collection of feudal kingdoms based off of Dark Ages Britania.

The Age of Kings takes place five-hundred years after the last campaign ended, during a time known as The Age of Heroes. The lesser kingdoms are divided as to the true king of Cict, and four main blood lines contend for this honour.

Bear in mind that this is not meant to be a power-campaign, so please keep power-building and min/maxing out. Monsters will have a tendency to be as unbalanced as the party is, so let’s strive for a good balanced campaign please.

Class Specific House Rules

  • If summon spells become a nuisance and cause excessive slow down in the game or become used to nullify encounters through sheer numbers, it will be restricted

Character Build House Rules

  • The feat monkey-grip is prohibited.
  • The barbarian ability Pounce can only be used when the character is on foot

Runelords Age of Kings