Runelords Age of Kings

Hauling the loot

After having found a substantial bit of loot from their explorations, the party had just to drag it all back to Fajkor. And so they did.

After a battle with a small group of orcs and a bugbear, and then a giant centipede later… they were mostly at 3rd level and arriving into town where the smell of plague and death hung heavily…

Onieda Sparksong - Journal Entry III

Currently we are hold up in the secret lair of an ancient and powerful mage Erick Storm. He devised some pretty nasty traps that we have discovered. If only the traps could look into our hearts and see that our intentions are pure. We need to discover the knowledge hidden within these walls and use it for the greater good of ridding the world of fake prophets and incarnations of the Fire Lord. We believe the information needed to stop a plague we fear is contained in the documents of the library. It is bad enough we had to fight some nasty goblins and bugbears to even find this hidden passage with the traps and all the corridors. But then the rooms off the corridors seem to just have more traps in them – all the while more of those nasty goblins who are apparently as plentiful as cockroaches in the town dump.

The peculiar traps of automatons such as the star map and telescope show that the mage who built this was brilliant and has something worth protecting. I doubt it was cheap to make such items. The Farmer is quite handy with a rope. I sense that he will grow in strength as time goes on and he will be of great service to the Fire Lord.

The lock on the door to what we think is the main chamber and quite possibly contains the library in question does not give away any secrets to us just yet. So instead of figuring it out we looked into one of the corridors.

This resulted in us finding a small room that had many pictures and charts hanging from the ceiling. The room was remarkably warm even though it is deep within the earth – this alerted us to be on the look out. It was really not a surprise when the rocks in the fire animated into small earth elementals. They can hit pretty darn hard. They nearly broke some of my bones with their punches. If I am remembering correctly my dear friend the little girl’s kitty cat was almost beaten to a pulp. The missionary manages to escape much danger – he has the advantage of full sight and the ability to attack from a distance. Lucky for us we worked well together. It was a shame the hunter and the drunkard were too injured to accompany us. HOPEFULLY THEY WILL BE WELL SOON (*cough*cough*cough*)

Just when we settled in for the night to try and heal some of the damage our bodies had taken we heard noises in the hallway. We were familiar with theses noises! Nasty goblins and at least one bugbear were hunting for us. We managed to take out a few goblins and a bugbear before the cowards retreated. We have a plan for if they come back before morning. We have decided to toss the head of the dead bug bear at them in an effort to intimidate them into running away like the vermin they are.

So in the morning hopefully we will arise refreshed and renewed by the faith we have in the Fire Lord so that we can move forward in our quest to edify him in all that we say and due as we search for the answer to dealing with this pending disastrous plague.

Oneida Sparksong - Journal Entry II

Dear Journal,

I am most confused and conflicted. Things have been happening around me that have challenged my beliefs and make me rethinking things I thought were absolute truths. For instance I have always thought of Elves as hardly more than cattle or horses – I think I was allowed this belief because I had never really met one before. Now that I have met them – I find that they have the same hopes and dreams of humans. They wish to love, raise children, be safe in their homes, and pursue a community that supports them.

What happened is the other night one came stumbling into the supper club I was dining in. I could sense the fear permeating her skin and bones as she shouted out for help. Undead were attacking her village. My companions and I as true believers of the one true faith hold the undead in contempt – they are an abomination against the Flame Lord. We rushed to her aid and went with her towards her village. On the way there we encountered fleshy undead creatures that had turned and were attacking their own children. We dispatched with the undead but our presence was frightening to the mixed breed children.

Upon arriving in the village we found some skeletons wandering around and quickly dispatched with them and headed towards the source of the trouble. The source was in the middle of their burial area – there was some sort of shrine or tomb in the middle of it. There had been a stone covering the opening but it had been moved away. We entered the chamber and and found a great evil presence within. We retrieved a few items of note such as writings and some coin. We discovered a skeleton from which the evil was emanating. We were unable to squash the evil – it was not within our power at this time. However there are no more bodies in the tomb that can be brought back to unnatural undead life. The next day the elves were rather friendly – at least more so than I expected of them. They asked us to retrieve a magic rock because without it the country could sink into famine.

Once we had finished this task we headed back to town. On the way we discovered that crude brigands had taken up a bastardized form of the true faith and were torturing locals in some nearby caves. We were able to infiltrate into the caves and stop the drunk torturers from continuing to defile the faith with their drunkenness. Upon searching the caves we found a hidden passage that lead into the ground. Upon traveling down this path we found lava creatures. We had to fight them – they did not recognize us as other worshipers of the Flame Lord. Once we killed them we continued on and found the strangest of chambers. It was like the inside of a geode – all bright, shiny, and refractive.

The creatures inside of this chamber were vile and as much as we tried we could not damage them. We spied the rock and a dead body in very shiny armor. While we retrieved the rock the drunkard with us went after the body and armor. We managed to escape – the beasts from inside chased us, but finally we outdistanced them and escaped.

We stayed with the elves for a few days, recovering from our wounds. While there we learned that our friend the Missionary was having a revival meeting. We were dismayed at such news – especially since a feature of it was to be the execution of elves related to those we were helping. We left in search of this revival – intent on trying to stop the needless deaths of any citizens who might be productive and one day converted to the true faith. Bedlam and pandemonium broke out at the revival and in the confusion we managed to free the elves and escape with our lives.

On the next day when things calmed down the Missionary was summoned to the main temple where I was helping hill the sick and injured. During the day were were commissioned to go after important writings of antiquity that could prove useful in fighting the undead abominations. We are leaving to undertake a dangerous mission that will help further the aims of the True Faith.

The Wolf's Log II
Logs of the Wolf

April 11, 542
- This evening at the inn, a rough looking elf came in begging for assistance in their community. Apparently undead have been attacking the village.
o The party agree to assist with the threat and left in the cover of darkness
o While venturing to the community an owl bear approached and left behind the corpse of some unfortunate person.
- As we reached the outskirts of the community, we discovered one of the farmsteads was under attack by a couple of zombies.
o After dealing with the threat it was realized that the two zombies were the owners of the farmhouse, and were attempting to get inside to where their children were hiding. One of the children did not survive.
o Party continued toward the main village after freeing the children.
- As we entered the town the party encountered a mob of skeletons, which were luckily easily dealt with
- After speaking with people in the town hall the party learned that the undead were coming from the barrow on the hill behind the town.
o The party investigated further to find that the stone that keeps the barrow closed had been moved, and that skeletons were on guard outside.
o The skeletons were handled with ease
o Upon defeating the skeletons, the party attempted to seal the barrow off with the stone, but was interrupted by a bloody skeleton emerging.
o Even after defeat, the skeleton has continued regenerating while we are trying to camp. In the morning we will be able to destroy it with divine power.

April 12, 542
- The bloody skeleton has been destroyed
- The party is proceeded into the barrow for further investigation
o In investigating a hidden chamber was discovered with necromantic runes covering the walls and a lockbox of gold and gems
o Investigation also lead us to find a burial chamber that also has necromantic runes covering the walls
o The burial chamber contained an old corpse in robes, clutching a magic tome on a podium in the middle of the room
o The group collected the lockbox and tome, but is powerless to do anything about the necromantic runes at this time
- Upon reading the tome we discovered that it speaks of a prophecy, and a plague to be brought upon the world when the flame lord rises.
o The tome mentions that the remainder of the prophecy was in a library elsewhere, and the name Eric Storm.
- Once the party exited the barrow, we sealed it with the large stone and returned to the town to inform the elves of the current situation with the runes inside.
- While in town we discovered that there are fliers going around that advertise a revival, which Buddy is said to be hosting, that is to be held nearby.
- The town elder also made a request assistance in recovering a sacred root that is said to provide the prosperity for the community
o The elves believe that Buddy was involved in the root going missing; luckily Buddy is not currently traveling with us.
o The group agreed to assist with locating and returning the sacred root.
- The party traveled into the wilderness to search for the location that the root is supposedly being held.
o After a short time of searching we discovered a cave full of revival participants that had gathered for the evening.
o When going to investigate we were attacked and accused of being pagan filth.
o Unfortunately we had to kill a couple of them, but the rest were only subdued.
- Searching inside the cave revealed a secret passage behind a statue of Buddy.
o The party toppled the statue to destroy it and proceeded into the passage.
o Inside the passage we were greeted by fiery, earth elementals, which we were able to defeat with time.
o Searching farther revealed the root, which once retrieved spawned a set of demons that none of us were able to hurt.
o We began to flee from the demons, but in the process Gronk was bitten. None of us know what this means for the future, but we were able to escape with our lives and the root.
- The party proceeded back to the town and returned the root before setting in to rest.

April 19, 542
- This past week has been spent resting, recovering and getting in needed crafting and training that we sorely needed.

April 20, 542
- In the process of preparing to leave the elf town and head back to Fajkor, we were asked by the elder to try and convince Fajkor to return their lands to them and allow them to construct their shrine. I am unsure how everyone feels about this but we agree to submit their request once back in the city.
- In the trip back to Fajkor we stumbled across the revival that had been advertised.
o We discovered that Buddy was indeed at the revival, but he seemed to not really want to be there at all. The king’s brother was also present.
o Once the revival started it was made clear that a group of elves were to be executed, which had to be stopped.
o The party formulated a way to plot the rebels against the king’s followers and incited a riot, which also was a good enough diversion to get the elves to safety.
o Everyone managed to escape, and as far as we can tell Buddy did not gain, or loose, and favor from either side of the flam lord factions.
o The group proceeded back to Fajkor.

April 21, 542
- Today we made it back to Fajkor, and upon arriving Buddy was summoned to the temple.
o In going to the temple it became apparent that a plague has started in Fajkor
- In light of the plague the party has agreed it best to begin investing the prophecy from the barrow and Eric Storm further.
o In a search of the library of the temple we were able to find information on Eric Storm and his many libraries that were scattered across the kingdom long ago.
o One book in particular speaks of a nearby library that was disguised as a guard tower that supposedly contained information on prophecies and other related materials that may be of use to us.

April 23, 542
- The past two days have been spent traveling to the tower mentioned in the book.
- Tonight we arrived to the location of the tower and pitched camp for the night.
o Smoke is coming from the top of the tower and there is a strange fog.
o We will investigate further in tomorrow.

The Wolf's Log I
Logs of the Wolf

April 1, 542
- The oracle, Oneida, and myself have found ourselves on an assignment in Fajkor to recover a stolen weapons cache for the King’s army. We are less than pleased with serving the overly zealous and blasphemous members of the King’s army after the recent addition to the lore of the Flame Lord.
- The wagon that was pillaged was approximately 10 miles north of the city
- Reward of 100g for the return of the weapons
- We have grouped with an odd party of adventurers, none of whom we are sure truly follow the Flame Lord
o Buddy Jesus – A charismatic gnome, who claims to be a priest of the Flame Lord. I have a strange feeling about him though, despite seeming to be loved by everyone in Fajkor.
o Gronk – A dwarf shield fighter, who appears to be greatly skilled in battle, but lacking in intelligence to excel at anything else.
o Kurai – A halfling girl, who I am very unsure about. She appears to be a poor beggar, but at the same time has strange hair and is covered in tattoos.
o Brom – A fellow human, who seems to also be a man from outside of the city. He definitely appears to be someone who could hold his own in a tight situation. I don’t recall catching his name.
- Traveled to the site of the wagon being assaulted and began tracking what we assumed to be the culprits of the pillaging and looting
o Small humanoid footprints and drag marks leading away from the site
o Tracked for quite some time before trail branched, but drag marks only continued in one direction
o Camped for the evening here with intentions to continue tomorrow
April 2, 542
- Continued following the tracks
o Trail lead us to a cave
o Proceeded to investigate the cave in hopes to recover the cache.
- Encountered and defeated a group of goblins, and their apparent construct snake minion
o Managed to recover the weapon cache
o Exited the cave and traveled to safer place to camp for the evening
April 3, 542
- On the return trip to Fajkor we encountered a group of rebel knights of the Flame Lord
o Offered 150g for the weapons cache
o Being a supporter of the “rebel” cause I was inclined to give them the cache
o The others agreed and we turned over the cache
- Upon return to Fajkor we informed the King’s soldier that our path did not lead us to the cache, but another group of adventures had followed the other, where they would perhaps find the cache. Hopefully this will keep our tracks covered.
- Visit to the Flame Lord temple in the evening, following a grand sermon from Buddy at the tavern, where he was donating part of his tithes
o Our services were requested for an escort mission from the temple
o Accompany and defend a group of pilgrims on their journey to a shrine of standing stones for a ritual that they must perform
o Set to begin journey first thing in the morning
April 4, 542
- Trip to the shrine completed
o Encountered and defeated group of goblins near the shrine
o Goblin battle followed by assault by a group of wood elves who claim we were defiling their shrine
o Wood elf battle was more difficult, and proved deadly for the pilgrims
o Made camp for the evening and burned the dead pilgrim corpses
o Only one pilgrim survived, the young blind child
April 5, 542
- Rest and recovery day
April 6, 542
- Escorted the boy to the shrine to perform his ritual
o Encountered an owlbear, but managed to distract it with a deer carcass and what seemed to be communication with it by Gronk
o Boy completed the ritual, and Buddy accompanied him
April 7, 542
- Returned to Fajkor with the boy to inform the temple of what had happened on the journey to the shrine
- In the evening we were approached by a fellow rebel, who requested our aid in freeing a captured officer of the rebel army
o The camp where the captain is being held is about a day’s travel to the southeast
o Officer is scheduled for execution soon, so the group must act with haste if we are to rescue him
April 8, 542
- The day spent traveling in search of the camp where the officer is being held
April 9, 542
- Reached the camp and began a scouting mission with Buddy and ?
o Found the camp to have two guard tower, one lookout on each
o Buddy returned to others to devise a plan to infiltrate
- Gronk, Buddy and Onieda enter the camp under the guise of followers who have come to see the execution of the rebels and heretics being held at the camp
o When execution time nearing the tower lookouts left their post
o The farmer and myself snuck to the top of the towers and waited for a signal
o Just as King’s army cleric and captain were about to execute, Gronk struck a killing blow on the cleric (must have been a signal from one of the others)
o I quickly sniped the captain as the chaos ensued
o Remaining guards picked off one by one before any could excape
- The rebels were set free and we returned back to Fajkor
April 10, 542
- Traveled back to Fajkor and arrived in late evening
o Visited by the rebel, who granted us our reward for freeing the other rebel soldiers and captains who were being held there
April 11, 542
- This day has been spent performing miscellaneous crafting, training, etc.

Oneida Sparksong - Journal Entry I

Life is foreign outside of the monastery – I am not certain I am cut out for this adventuring life. I will do what the Flame Lord requires of me but my soul weighs heavy with the burdens placed upon me. I do not know why the Crown feels it necessary to change the sacred text. It is not like people were able to rise up – the literal hold the military has on this land is chocking and cloying. There must be a power struggle somewhere deep within the church itself – one that was angering the Crown by insisting that perhaps the people need not starve to that more suits of armor and weapons be made. I will pray for answers – may my devotion be rewarded with insight into what might be accomplished in the name of Arna’Lasar without all this bickering and violence. We are of one faith – let us come to agreement and continue to carry out the will of the Flame Lord.

I have run into some interesting folks this last week or so. To protect them I will not call them by name. I will refer to them as The Woodsman, The Farmer, The Child, The Smasher, and The Missionary. I am not sure what to make of all of them. Our backgrounds are so different – I can say though that we have so far worked together towards the same mission. I am happy to work with them – and while there have been some close calls, so far we have not just survived but we have triumphed – praise be Arna’Lasar.

I must say – I am not sure what people I dislike more: Goblins or Elves. Goblins do not seem that bright and organized – without any real leadership being demonstrated I must conclude they just need to be educated about the faith and that perhaps they could be brought in line and of use to the will. The Elves we encountered were malicious and evil. They consciously aimed their arrows upon the defenseless and unarmed pilgrims. While I found the pilgrims odd – they did not deserve death at the end of Elven arrows. This shows cunning and intent on the part of the Elves. I am not sorry they are dead.

As to the surviving pilgrim – I hope one day to have grown in power to Arna’Lasar and be able to cure his affliction as I was so cured. I will seek him out later in life and hopefully my faith and devotion will help me heal him.

Now about my companions – The Child is odd, I am not sure what to make of her. She is of unusual appearance and not particularly devout in actions and words. The Farmer joined us late in the week – he is brave and caring; two admirable qualities. The Smasher – is good at smashing things but I am not sure what else. His mind seems to be addled by the alcohol he consumes. We might need to perform an exorcism upon him to cleanse him from his afflictions. He is most useful though in a fight and we have found ourselves in more than one of those. I am glad he is with us. The Missionary is interesting he preaches a theology I am not familiar with – he does however seem well versed in the life of Arna’Lasar before he ascended. I have met others like him in the past – and he is harmless with a good heart. I will pray that someday he is touched by the Flame Lord and is able to channel His power along with the words he uses to inspire people in the faith. The Woodsman is stable and unshakable in his faith. I am lucky to have met him. I trust we will stay our course as he scouts the way for us.

Chapter 1 Session 2

Two hours from Ordar…

Faced with the uncertainty of what lay in wait for them within the cabin, the party decided that a forceful approach was more prudent. Siana, the female fighter, went around the back door with the cleric Aria and the rogue Eddie, while Kalista and Xavier watched the front door.

Siana busted the door down and was greeted immediately with a goblin hexer and his thugs. The creature cursed her with blindness, flicking a vicious scummy goo over her eyes with his corrupted staff and followed up with a curse that wracked her body if she moved.

Thus bottlenecked, their bugbear warleader burst out the front door and engaged Kalista. The warlock shot out with her fiery demonic energy, but the bugbear was quick and he caught her with his wicked spiked morning star.

Eddie reacted quickly, moving in from behind and kidney stabbing the large brute, who howled in pain, before the goblin shaman joined his master on the front stoop, casting a concealing fog over everything. The rogue got in one last parting shot, crippling the creature, before rolling out

Enraged, the creature staggered forward at Kalista and laid her low with a wicked shot to the side of the head. Howling, it lumbered to the back of the house while Xavier stayed behind, pelting it and the shaman with his arcane energies.

Once to the rear of the house, the creature attempted to engage Aria, but was finally taken down. At the same time, Siana finished off her opponents and the goblin shaman and one of the surviving goblins fled into the forest. The party did gave chase but decided in the end that it was not safe to venture too far.

Weakened, they took their fallen warlock into the log cabin and barred the doors and windows. That night, a fierce storm howled and raged, shaking the cabin and the area around it. Demonic voices could be heard whispering with the storm and a faint earthquake shook the very ground!

Aria could hear the voices clearer than her companions and knew their demonic origins. Once she pointed this out, Xavier listened as well and the cleric and wizard both recognized the Turtan language and the summoning spell that seemed to be in place.

But what type of spell could alter the weather as such? The thought gave the entire party chills. The storm eventually slackened and the heroes had a quiet, yet disturbed sleep… filled with cruel nightmares and a shaking sense of foreboding.

The day that greeted them was cloudy and the land around them soaked from the storm’s rage. After some thought, the party decided to press on to the farm that was reportedly attacked by the Turtans. It took them three hours of travel along the muddy western road before they reached the farmlands.

The trees gave way to plains and all about them scattered as far as they could see were farmland, orchards, livestock. One farm in particular looked like it had been ransacked. Dead animals lay in the yards, the building was partially burned, and the stench of blood and death was heavy.

Strange still that no one had passed them on the road that day. A shadow was forming in the west. One that bore ill favor for the Ordarians…

Shadow Rift Chapter 1 Session IX - postponed

Out of power. Wednesdays group did not meet. Will resume next week.

Chapter I Session I
The Shadow Grows

(note that this can also be found on the main Ordar website here

Having heard the offer laid forth by Alexander Garcci, that the need of the city was for small groups to work alongside the working members of the military to help them clear out enemy encampments for a paid wage of 5 gold bars valued at 10 gold pieces each, the party headed to bed to prepare for the dangerous journey ahead of them.

As fate would have it, the next morning arose smitten with cold rain and mud. The party assembled at Alexander’s villa, had a small breakfast, and then set out of the western gates of Ordar.

Orenthan, the elven hunter who acted as a scout for Alexander, had informed the party that the lair that they were searching for was about five miles west of the city, marked by a pair of burnt pine trees.

The five miles was passed quickly, and the group had little problem finding the burnt trees or the muddy track leading into the colorful autumn woods where the goblins who laired there were dragging their ill-gotten cargos.

Eddie the rogue moved into the woods to spy out the area a bit and came back to inform the party that the wooded area ended in a form of “fire lane” not far in, and where a fifty yard stretch of grass led up a hill before emerging back into the woods.

It smelled of a trap. The party moved up to the clearing and drew weapons. The rogue volunteered to sneak forward and attempt to spy out any possible guards.

Luck was not with him, however, as he began moving through the grass. Black arrows began shooting from the trees ahead from unseen archers, and the party was engaged with a goblin scout team!

Using their strength and guile, the party managed to defeat the first wave of goblins, but not before a cow bell was struck repeatedly, alerting the other goblins that trouble was coming! More goblins emerged from the trees, and the PCs were pressed into a corner. Aria, the good natured cleric of Pelor, really shone as she kept her comrades up and managed to drop several of the goblin menace.

Siana, the female human warrior, was devastatingly effective with her large great sword, hewing the goblin force. Kalista and Xavier rounded the group off with some well placed magical strikes and Eddie kept the enemy on their toes, darting all over the battle field and drawing attention.

The goblins were no match. The remaining goblins fled not soon after battle was joined (and lost) and the party healed their wounds and took a short breather before moving deeper into the woods where a goblin camp was expected.

Eddie scouted again, finding a series of hide tents scattered around an area of forest surrounding an old, dilapidated log cabin. Barrels, trash, and wagon carcasses littered the area, but it was seen that there was movement in the cabin.

This was a chance… a chance to strike at the heart of the goblin encampment and scatter it for good. As we prepare for session II, this is exactly what the party plans to do…


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