Runelords Age of Kings

Chapter 1 Session 2

Two hours from Ordar…

Faced with the uncertainty of what lay in wait for them within the cabin, the party decided that a forceful approach was more prudent. Siana, the female fighter, went around the back door with the cleric Aria and the rogue Eddie, while Kalista and Xavier watched the front door.

Siana busted the door down and was greeted immediately with a goblin hexer and his thugs. The creature cursed her with blindness, flicking a vicious scummy goo over her eyes with his corrupted staff and followed up with a curse that wracked her body if she moved.

Thus bottlenecked, their bugbear warleader burst out the front door and engaged Kalista. The warlock shot out with her fiery demonic energy, but the bugbear was quick and he caught her with his wicked spiked morning star.

Eddie reacted quickly, moving in from behind and kidney stabbing the large brute, who howled in pain, before the goblin shaman joined his master on the front stoop, casting a concealing fog over everything. The rogue got in one last parting shot, crippling the creature, before rolling out

Enraged, the creature staggered forward at Kalista and laid her low with a wicked shot to the side of the head. Howling, it lumbered to the back of the house while Xavier stayed behind, pelting it and the shaman with his arcane energies.

Once to the rear of the house, the creature attempted to engage Aria, but was finally taken down. At the same time, Siana finished off her opponents and the goblin shaman and one of the surviving goblins fled into the forest. The party did gave chase but decided in the end that it was not safe to venture too far.

Weakened, they took their fallen warlock into the log cabin and barred the doors and windows. That night, a fierce storm howled and raged, shaking the cabin and the area around it. Demonic voices could be heard whispering with the storm and a faint earthquake shook the very ground!

Aria could hear the voices clearer than her companions and knew their demonic origins. Once she pointed this out, Xavier listened as well and the cleric and wizard both recognized the Turtan language and the summoning spell that seemed to be in place.

But what type of spell could alter the weather as such? The thought gave the entire party chills. The storm eventually slackened and the heroes had a quiet, yet disturbed sleep… filled with cruel nightmares and a shaking sense of foreboding.

The day that greeted them was cloudy and the land around them soaked from the storm’s rage. After some thought, the party decided to press on to the farm that was reportedly attacked by the Turtans. It took them three hours of travel along the muddy western road before they reached the farmlands.

The trees gave way to plains and all about them scattered as far as they could see were farmland, orchards, livestock. One farm in particular looked like it had been ransacked. Dead animals lay in the yards, the building was partially burned, and the stench of blood and death was heavy.

Strange still that no one had passed them on the road that day. A shadow was forming in the west. One that bore ill favor for the Ordarians…



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