Runelords Age of Kings

Oneida Sparksong - Journal Entry II

Dear Journal,

I am most confused and conflicted. Things have been happening around me that have challenged my beliefs and make me rethinking things I thought were absolute truths. For instance I have always thought of Elves as hardly more than cattle or horses – I think I was allowed this belief because I had never really met one before. Now that I have met them – I find that they have the same hopes and dreams of humans. They wish to love, raise children, be safe in their homes, and pursue a community that supports them.

What happened is the other night one came stumbling into the supper club I was dining in. I could sense the fear permeating her skin and bones as she shouted out for help. Undead were attacking her village. My companions and I as true believers of the one true faith hold the undead in contempt – they are an abomination against the Flame Lord. We rushed to her aid and went with her towards her village. On the way there we encountered fleshy undead creatures that had turned and were attacking their own children. We dispatched with the undead but our presence was frightening to the mixed breed children.

Upon arriving in the village we found some skeletons wandering around and quickly dispatched with them and headed towards the source of the trouble. The source was in the middle of their burial area – there was some sort of shrine or tomb in the middle of it. There had been a stone covering the opening but it had been moved away. We entered the chamber and and found a great evil presence within. We retrieved a few items of note such as writings and some coin. We discovered a skeleton from which the evil was emanating. We were unable to squash the evil – it was not within our power at this time. However there are no more bodies in the tomb that can be brought back to unnatural undead life. The next day the elves were rather friendly – at least more so than I expected of them. They asked us to retrieve a magic rock because without it the country could sink into famine.

Once we had finished this task we headed back to town. On the way we discovered that crude brigands had taken up a bastardized form of the true faith and were torturing locals in some nearby caves. We were able to infiltrate into the caves and stop the drunk torturers from continuing to defile the faith with their drunkenness. Upon searching the caves we found a hidden passage that lead into the ground. Upon traveling down this path we found lava creatures. We had to fight them – they did not recognize us as other worshipers of the Flame Lord. Once we killed them we continued on and found the strangest of chambers. It was like the inside of a geode – all bright, shiny, and refractive.

The creatures inside of this chamber were vile and as much as we tried we could not damage them. We spied the rock and a dead body in very shiny armor. While we retrieved the rock the drunkard with us went after the body and armor. We managed to escape – the beasts from inside chased us, but finally we outdistanced them and escaped.

We stayed with the elves for a few days, recovering from our wounds. While there we learned that our friend the Missionary was having a revival meeting. We were dismayed at such news – especially since a feature of it was to be the execution of elves related to those we were helping. We left in search of this revival – intent on trying to stop the needless deaths of any citizens who might be productive and one day converted to the true faith. Bedlam and pandemonium broke out at the revival and in the confusion we managed to free the elves and escape with our lives.

On the next day when things calmed down the Missionary was summoned to the main temple where I was helping hill the sick and injured. During the day were were commissioned to go after important writings of antiquity that could prove useful in fighting the undead abominations. We are leaving to undertake a dangerous mission that will help further the aims of the True Faith.



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