Runelords Age of Kings

Onieda Sparksong - Journal Entry III

Currently we are hold up in the secret lair of an ancient and powerful mage Erick Storm. He devised some pretty nasty traps that we have discovered. If only the traps could look into our hearts and see that our intentions are pure. We need to discover the knowledge hidden within these walls and use it for the greater good of ridding the world of fake prophets and incarnations of the Fire Lord. We believe the information needed to stop a plague we fear is contained in the documents of the library. It is bad enough we had to fight some nasty goblins and bugbears to even find this hidden passage with the traps and all the corridors. But then the rooms off the corridors seem to just have more traps in them – all the while more of those nasty goblins who are apparently as plentiful as cockroaches in the town dump.

The peculiar traps of automatons such as the star map and telescope show that the mage who built this was brilliant and has something worth protecting. I doubt it was cheap to make such items. The Farmer is quite handy with a rope. I sense that he will grow in strength as time goes on and he will be of great service to the Fire Lord.

The lock on the door to what we think is the main chamber and quite possibly contains the library in question does not give away any secrets to us just yet. So instead of figuring it out we looked into one of the corridors.

This resulted in us finding a small room that had many pictures and charts hanging from the ceiling. The room was remarkably warm even though it is deep within the earth – this alerted us to be on the look out. It was really not a surprise when the rocks in the fire animated into small earth elementals. They can hit pretty darn hard. They nearly broke some of my bones with their punches. If I am remembering correctly my dear friend the little girl’s kitty cat was almost beaten to a pulp. The missionary manages to escape much danger – he has the advantage of full sight and the ability to attack from a distance. Lucky for us we worked well together. It was a shame the hunter and the drunkard were too injured to accompany us. HOPEFULLY THEY WILL BE WELL SOON (*cough*cough*cough*)

Just when we settled in for the night to try and heal some of the damage our bodies had taken we heard noises in the hallway. We were familiar with theses noises! Nasty goblins and at least one bugbear were hunting for us. We managed to take out a few goblins and a bugbear before the cowards retreated. We have a plan for if they come back before morning. We have decided to toss the head of the dead bug bear at them in an effort to intimidate them into running away like the vermin they are.

So in the morning hopefully we will arise refreshed and renewed by the faith we have in the Fire Lord so that we can move forward in our quest to edify him in all that we say and due as we search for the answer to dealing with this pending disastrous plague.



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