Runelords Age of Kings

Chapter I Session I

The Shadow Grows

(note that this can also be found on the main Ordar website here

Having heard the offer laid forth by Alexander Garcci, that the need of the city was for small groups to work alongside the working members of the military to help them clear out enemy encampments for a paid wage of 5 gold bars valued at 10 gold pieces each, the party headed to bed to prepare for the dangerous journey ahead of them.

As fate would have it, the next morning arose smitten with cold rain and mud. The party assembled at Alexander’s villa, had a small breakfast, and then set out of the western gates of Ordar.

Orenthan, the elven hunter who acted as a scout for Alexander, had informed the party that the lair that they were searching for was about five miles west of the city, marked by a pair of burnt pine trees.

The five miles was passed quickly, and the group had little problem finding the burnt trees or the muddy track leading into the colorful autumn woods where the goblins who laired there were dragging their ill-gotten cargos.

Eddie the rogue moved into the woods to spy out the area a bit and came back to inform the party that the wooded area ended in a form of “fire lane” not far in, and where a fifty yard stretch of grass led up a hill before emerging back into the woods.

It smelled of a trap. The party moved up to the clearing and drew weapons. The rogue volunteered to sneak forward and attempt to spy out any possible guards.

Luck was not with him, however, as he began moving through the grass. Black arrows began shooting from the trees ahead from unseen archers, and the party was engaged with a goblin scout team!

Using their strength and guile, the party managed to defeat the first wave of goblins, but not before a cow bell was struck repeatedly, alerting the other goblins that trouble was coming! More goblins emerged from the trees, and the PCs were pressed into a corner. Aria, the good natured cleric of Pelor, really shone as she kept her comrades up and managed to drop several of the goblin menace.

Siana, the female human warrior, was devastatingly effective with her large great sword, hewing the goblin force. Kalista and Xavier rounded the group off with some well placed magical strikes and Eddie kept the enemy on their toes, darting all over the battle field and drawing attention.

The goblins were no match. The remaining goblins fled not soon after battle was joined (and lost) and the party healed their wounds and took a short breather before moving deeper into the woods where a goblin camp was expected.

Eddie scouted again, finding a series of hide tents scattered around an area of forest surrounding an old, dilapidated log cabin. Barrels, trash, and wagon carcasses littered the area, but it was seen that there was movement in the cabin.

This was a chance… a chance to strike at the heart of the goblin encampment and scatter it for good. As we prepare for session II, this is exactly what the party plans to do…



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