Runelords Age of Kings

The Wolf's Log II

Logs of the Wolf

April 11, 542
- This evening at the inn, a rough looking elf came in begging for assistance in their community. Apparently undead have been attacking the village.
o The party agree to assist with the threat and left in the cover of darkness
o While venturing to the community an owl bear approached and left behind the corpse of some unfortunate person.
- As we reached the outskirts of the community, we discovered one of the farmsteads was under attack by a couple of zombies.
o After dealing with the threat it was realized that the two zombies were the owners of the farmhouse, and were attempting to get inside to where their children were hiding. One of the children did not survive.
o Party continued toward the main village after freeing the children.
- As we entered the town the party encountered a mob of skeletons, which were luckily easily dealt with
- After speaking with people in the town hall the party learned that the undead were coming from the barrow on the hill behind the town.
o The party investigated further to find that the stone that keeps the barrow closed had been moved, and that skeletons were on guard outside.
o The skeletons were handled with ease
o Upon defeating the skeletons, the party attempted to seal the barrow off with the stone, but was interrupted by a bloody skeleton emerging.
o Even after defeat, the skeleton has continued regenerating while we are trying to camp. In the morning we will be able to destroy it with divine power.

April 12, 542
- The bloody skeleton has been destroyed
- The party is proceeded into the barrow for further investigation
o In investigating a hidden chamber was discovered with necromantic runes covering the walls and a lockbox of gold and gems
o Investigation also lead us to find a burial chamber that also has necromantic runes covering the walls
o The burial chamber contained an old corpse in robes, clutching a magic tome on a podium in the middle of the room
o The group collected the lockbox and tome, but is powerless to do anything about the necromantic runes at this time
- Upon reading the tome we discovered that it speaks of a prophecy, and a plague to be brought upon the world when the flame lord rises.
o The tome mentions that the remainder of the prophecy was in a library elsewhere, and the name Eric Storm.
- Once the party exited the barrow, we sealed it with the large stone and returned to the town to inform the elves of the current situation with the runes inside.
- While in town we discovered that there are fliers going around that advertise a revival, which Buddy is said to be hosting, that is to be held nearby.
- The town elder also made a request assistance in recovering a sacred root that is said to provide the prosperity for the community
o The elves believe that Buddy was involved in the root going missing; luckily Buddy is not currently traveling with us.
o The group agreed to assist with locating and returning the sacred root.
- The party traveled into the wilderness to search for the location that the root is supposedly being held.
o After a short time of searching we discovered a cave full of revival participants that had gathered for the evening.
o When going to investigate we were attacked and accused of being pagan filth.
o Unfortunately we had to kill a couple of them, but the rest were only subdued.
- Searching inside the cave revealed a secret passage behind a statue of Buddy.
o The party toppled the statue to destroy it and proceeded into the passage.
o Inside the passage we were greeted by fiery, earth elementals, which we were able to defeat with time.
o Searching farther revealed the root, which once retrieved spawned a set of demons that none of us were able to hurt.
o We began to flee from the demons, but in the process Gronk was bitten. None of us know what this means for the future, but we were able to escape with our lives and the root.
- The party proceeded back to the town and returned the root before setting in to rest.

April 19, 542
- This past week has been spent resting, recovering and getting in needed crafting and training that we sorely needed.

April 20, 542
- In the process of preparing to leave the elf town and head back to Fajkor, we were asked by the elder to try and convince Fajkor to return their lands to them and allow them to construct their shrine. I am unsure how everyone feels about this but we agree to submit their request once back in the city.
- In the trip back to Fajkor we stumbled across the revival that had been advertised.
o We discovered that Buddy was indeed at the revival, but he seemed to not really want to be there at all. The king’s brother was also present.
o Once the revival started it was made clear that a group of elves were to be executed, which had to be stopped.
o The party formulated a way to plot the rebels against the king’s followers and incited a riot, which also was a good enough diversion to get the elves to safety.
o Everyone managed to escape, and as far as we can tell Buddy did not gain, or loose, and favor from either side of the flam lord factions.
o The group proceeded back to Fajkor.

April 21, 542
- Today we made it back to Fajkor, and upon arriving Buddy was summoned to the temple.
o In going to the temple it became apparent that a plague has started in Fajkor
- In light of the plague the party has agreed it best to begin investing the prophecy from the barrow and Eric Storm further.
o In a search of the library of the temple we were able to find information on Eric Storm and his many libraries that were scattered across the kingdom long ago.
o One book in particular speaks of a nearby library that was disguised as a guard tower that supposedly contained information on prophecies and other related materials that may be of use to us.

April 23, 542
- The past two days have been spent traveling to the tower mentioned in the book.
- Tonight we arrived to the location of the tower and pitched camp for the night.
o Smoke is coming from the top of the tower and there is a strange fog.
o We will investigate further in tomorrow.



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