Runelords Age of Kings

Oneida Sparksong - Journal Entry I

Life is foreign outside of the monastery – I am not certain I am cut out for this adventuring life. I will do what the Flame Lord requires of me but my soul weighs heavy with the burdens placed upon me. I do not know why the Crown feels it necessary to change the sacred text. It is not like people were able to rise up – the literal hold the military has on this land is chocking and cloying. There must be a power struggle somewhere deep within the church itself – one that was angering the Crown by insisting that perhaps the people need not starve to that more suits of armor and weapons be made. I will pray for answers – may my devotion be rewarded with insight into what might be accomplished in the name of Arna’Lasar without all this bickering and violence. We are of one faith – let us come to agreement and continue to carry out the will of the Flame Lord.

I have run into some interesting folks this last week or so. To protect them I will not call them by name. I will refer to them as The Woodsman, The Farmer, The Child, The Smasher, and The Missionary. I am not sure what to make of all of them. Our backgrounds are so different – I can say though that we have so far worked together towards the same mission. I am happy to work with them – and while there have been some close calls, so far we have not just survived but we have triumphed – praise be Arna’Lasar.

I must say – I am not sure what people I dislike more: Goblins or Elves. Goblins do not seem that bright and organized – without any real leadership being demonstrated I must conclude they just need to be educated about the faith and that perhaps they could be brought in line and of use to the will. The Elves we encountered were malicious and evil. They consciously aimed their arrows upon the defenseless and unarmed pilgrims. While I found the pilgrims odd – they did not deserve death at the end of Elven arrows. This shows cunning and intent on the part of the Elves. I am not sorry they are dead.

As to the surviving pilgrim – I hope one day to have grown in power to Arna’Lasar and be able to cure his affliction as I was so cured. I will seek him out later in life and hopefully my faith and devotion will help me heal him.

Now about my companions – The Child is odd, I am not sure what to make of her. She is of unusual appearance and not particularly devout in actions and words. The Farmer joined us late in the week – he is brave and caring; two admirable qualities. The Smasher – is good at smashing things but I am not sure what else. His mind seems to be addled by the alcohol he consumes. We might need to perform an exorcism upon him to cleanse him from his afflictions. He is most useful though in a fight and we have found ourselves in more than one of those. I am glad he is with us. The Missionary is interesting he preaches a theology I am not familiar with – he does however seem well versed in the life of Arna’Lasar before he ascended. I have met others like him in the past – and he is harmless with a good heart. I will pray that someday he is touched by the Flame Lord and is able to channel His power along with the words he uses to inspire people in the faith. The Woodsman is stable and unshakable in his faith. I am lucky to have met him. I trust we will stay our course as he scouts the way for us.



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