Runelords Age of Kings

The Wolf's Log I

Logs of the Wolf

April 1, 542
- The oracle, Oneida, and myself have found ourselves on an assignment in Fajkor to recover a stolen weapons cache for the King’s army. We are less than pleased with serving the overly zealous and blasphemous members of the King’s army after the recent addition to the lore of the Flame Lord.
- The wagon that was pillaged was approximately 10 miles north of the city
- Reward of 100g for the return of the weapons
- We have grouped with an odd party of adventurers, none of whom we are sure truly follow the Flame Lord
o Buddy Jesus – A charismatic gnome, who claims to be a priest of the Flame Lord. I have a strange feeling about him though, despite seeming to be loved by everyone in Fajkor.
o Gronk – A dwarf shield fighter, who appears to be greatly skilled in battle, but lacking in intelligence to excel at anything else.
o Kurai – A halfling girl, who I am very unsure about. She appears to be a poor beggar, but at the same time has strange hair and is covered in tattoos.
o Brom – A fellow human, who seems to also be a man from outside of the city. He definitely appears to be someone who could hold his own in a tight situation. I don’t recall catching his name.
- Traveled to the site of the wagon being assaulted and began tracking what we assumed to be the culprits of the pillaging and looting
o Small humanoid footprints and drag marks leading away from the site
o Tracked for quite some time before trail branched, but drag marks only continued in one direction
o Camped for the evening here with intentions to continue tomorrow
April 2, 542
- Continued following the tracks
o Trail lead us to a cave
o Proceeded to investigate the cave in hopes to recover the cache.
- Encountered and defeated a group of goblins, and their apparent construct snake minion
o Managed to recover the weapon cache
o Exited the cave and traveled to safer place to camp for the evening
April 3, 542
- On the return trip to Fajkor we encountered a group of rebel knights of the Flame Lord
o Offered 150g for the weapons cache
o Being a supporter of the “rebel” cause I was inclined to give them the cache
o The others agreed and we turned over the cache
- Upon return to Fajkor we informed the King’s soldier that our path did not lead us to the cache, but another group of adventures had followed the other, where they would perhaps find the cache. Hopefully this will keep our tracks covered.
- Visit to the Flame Lord temple in the evening, following a grand sermon from Buddy at the tavern, where he was donating part of his tithes
o Our services were requested for an escort mission from the temple
o Accompany and defend a group of pilgrims on their journey to a shrine of standing stones for a ritual that they must perform
o Set to begin journey first thing in the morning
April 4, 542
- Trip to the shrine completed
o Encountered and defeated group of goblins near the shrine
o Goblin battle followed by assault by a group of wood elves who claim we were defiling their shrine
o Wood elf battle was more difficult, and proved deadly for the pilgrims
o Made camp for the evening and burned the dead pilgrim corpses
o Only one pilgrim survived, the young blind child
April 5, 542
- Rest and recovery day
April 6, 542
- Escorted the boy to the shrine to perform his ritual
o Encountered an owlbear, but managed to distract it with a deer carcass and what seemed to be communication with it by Gronk
o Boy completed the ritual, and Buddy accompanied him
April 7, 542
- Returned to Fajkor with the boy to inform the temple of what had happened on the journey to the shrine
- In the evening we were approached by a fellow rebel, who requested our aid in freeing a captured officer of the rebel army
o The camp where the captain is being held is about a day’s travel to the southeast
o Officer is scheduled for execution soon, so the group must act with haste if we are to rescue him
April 8, 542
- The day spent traveling in search of the camp where the officer is being held
April 9, 542
- Reached the camp and began a scouting mission with Buddy and ?
o Found the camp to have two guard tower, one lookout on each
o Buddy returned to others to devise a plan to infiltrate
- Gronk, Buddy and Onieda enter the camp under the guise of followers who have come to see the execution of the rebels and heretics being held at the camp
o When execution time nearing the tower lookouts left their post
o The farmer and myself snuck to the top of the towers and waited for a signal
o Just as King’s army cleric and captain were about to execute, Gronk struck a killing blow on the cleric (must have been a signal from one of the others)
o I quickly sniped the captain as the chaos ensued
o Remaining guards picked off one by one before any could excape
- The rebels were set free and we returned back to Fajkor
April 10, 542
- Traveled back to Fajkor and arrived in late evening
o Visited by the rebel, who granted us our reward for freeing the other rebel soldiers and captains who were being held there
April 11, 542
- This day has been spent performing miscellaneous crafting, training, etc.



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